Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NatCroMo FAIL?

Well, yes and no. 

While I didn't do everything I said i would (>___>), I still got a lot done. 

Behold my Blanket of Assum!

This blanket is so mindless. I have been listening to the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast while I crochet it. When I was crocheting it.... haven't touched it in like two weeks. BUT I am 50% done! I am already at 3' long.

Craptastic Red Heart....I've had some of these for years and years....

I like the way grey and pink looks together. Must make something with these colors together...

It's 6' wide and (here) it's a lil less than a foot.

Got about a foot length done here...

This is with about 3 feet done.

I plan to make a 6'x6' square; figured it should be big enough for a full size bedspread. I also had to end up buying more yarn, as the quantity pictured above won't be enough to finish the whole thing. I took the liberty of buying a whole new set of colors to do it because a) I was too lazy to look for the exact color ways and 2) it'll look so badass :D Mind you, I did pick pout similar colors, but added one that was missing... green. I fell in love with certain shades of green recently; up until a few years ago, I never bought green yarn if I could help it. I bought a nice spring leafy green and teal. I love teal <3 

I have to say, though I didn't do all I wanted for NatCroMo, it *did* get me to start this blanket, which is the most ambitious crafty project I have ever attempted. In two weeks' time, I managed to get half of it done! I am pretty quick. It's not boring per se; it's just really heavy right now and it gets to be a pain in the ass when working with it, even on my lap. I'll try to finish it before the summertime. 

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