Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update! or, [Insert Witty Title Here----I Got Nothin']

Having a boyfriend and a *real* social life suuuure puts a damper on a gal's fiber life...and now I have a major FarmVille addiction to round off my list of distractions... I dunno how people can juggle it all -__-

I miss my yarn :(

[speaking of, I am expecting a big order of Noro Kureyon sock yarn in, along with some worsted Kureyon and some frou frou lace yarn that was on sale....yarn addiction, I haz it]

This month is a doozy for me... I have two close friend's birthdays and [therefore] lots of shit to make; I have five UFOs on my needles, and a zillion more I wanted to get done (for me, dammit) by the end of the year.... plus I want to do some massive dyeing and spinning... 

I need better time management skills T__T

Hopefully I can at least finish the UFOs I currently have before the end of the year! D:

After posting my Nail Polish, I realize I should double-and even- triple check them to make sure they're right! It was funny as hell as I was following my own pattern and scratching my head....Yeesh. I made three more, revised the pattern, and ended up liking my (third) version better than the first two, so I guess everything happens for a reason! I have pictures comparing the different prototypes of the nail polish. I *should* update the .pdf with a picture of the one the pattern actually makes. One day, perhaps :P

I have two more amigurumi patterns I wish to share with the world! One for an ice cream cone, and one for an Erlenmeyer flask! These were items I made a long time ago and people had asked for patterns, but I was too lazy/busy to post them.  I hope to have one up by the weekend. I plan to stay home and get some fiber shit done this weekend, dammit.