Monday, February 13, 2012

Shit Knitters Say

In case you've been living under a rock, there is an explosion of videos titled "Shit ______ Say" all over the interweb. We knitters have one too! 

The folks at WEBS (besides having America's largest yarn store) are sooo badass for making this.

I thought it was clever and mostly accurate, but I think they missed some things:
  • Have you seen the newest Knitty? ZOMG I want to make all the things!
  • Ugh, the new Knitty has some crappy patterns... who approved these patterns?
  • I spend so much time on Ravelry I never get enough knitting done!
  • *browses Ravelry forums for five hours* All this fighting. Tsk tsk. These people need to STFU and knit more.
  • Ravelry is better than Facebook.
  • Ravelry isn't anything LIKE Facebook! How dare you say such a thing??!??
  • I follow 208458966 different knitting blogs! They are all so innovative!
  • *after looking at 25 or so knitting blogs* No one makes anything original anymore...
  • Malabrigo/Madelinetosh/[insert fave yarn brand here] has a new yarn line out! I am so gonna buy some.
  • Wollmeise is going up for sale online at 3am! I know I have to be up for work/school, but I'll die if I don't get a skein, even if it's in a shitty color I know I won't like and will never use.
  • What? That yarn is $65 a skein...??!?? Is it made from the fine ass hairs of a yak or what?
  • 100% Cashmere for $65 a skein?? What a bargain!
  • I think I might not eat lunch for a few days. I need that yarn in my stash so I can not use it for two years.
  • I am waiting for a sale at [insert fave yarn shop here] before I buy anymore yarn.
  • OK, so I totally just bought $100 worth of yarn online... there was a free shipping promotion! :D
  • I went on Knit Picks to get one skein of $10 sock yarn... I end up with $56 worth of stuff. It's a conspiracy, I tell ya.
  • *looks at stash* I don't even know what the fuck I have anymore.
  • *looks at stash* I think I should destash some of this....but I might need it one day!
  • *looks at stash* I think I can squeeze a few more skeins in here after all! :D
  • *looks at stash* I think I need a new apartment/house/storage unit.
  • Lace knitting? Oh fuck no, that shit looks hard.
  • Did you see the new Vogue Knitting? That lace shawl featured is so gorgeous, I am totally gonna make it.
  • What? You BOUGHT that hat?!??? I could have totally made that. In a better color and better yarn.
  • Why do you non knitters keep bugging me to make you shit?? Go away.
  • Can I use you as a model for my FO?
  • Um, no, this is for me.  I'll make you one for *mumbles*....
  • *gets acrylic yarn as a gift from a non knitter* Gee, thanks for the yarn....>___>
  • Acrylic yarn? Charity knitting!
  • *adds 38475 things to Ravelry queue on 1/1* I am so gonna make all of these this year!
  • (On 12/30) I only made 3 things this year *hangs head*
  • I am gonna make a sweater this year!
  • That sweater I was making? I put it down weeks ago... I got bored of it and made some socks instead.
  • Socks are so portable and easy. Sock knitting rocks!
  • *attempts to make socks and fails miserably* Sock knitting sucks balls -__-
That's all I got for now XD

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blocked, Beginning, and Frogging

I blocked the shawl.
It's 24” at center and the wingspan is roughly 52”. 

It grew a bit and really opened up the lace. I had to soak it in hair conditioner, then rinse it out with Soak. It's not Malabrigo soft, but there is a marked improvement on texture. I am wearing it as I type this actually XD

I started a colorwork hat (this pattern), and I am debating frogging and restarting my mitten---my gauge has changed with the aid of the yarn guide, and I don't want the second mitten to be a different size :/

Progress so far:

I'm actually a little farther than this... I think I have ~25 rows to finish.... but I want to use one of the snazzy new yarn guides I bought. They make colorwork knitting go exponentially faster. I made a makeshift one out of jewelry wire and it worked, mostly :P

I'm a genius, I know.

But it totally threw off my established tension and gauge....and since the wire is so bendy, it caused all sorts of problems, hence me buying some real ones to help me out. I got a Norwegian wire one, and a plastic one with four channels for yarn (a knock off of the Clover one XD). A fellow G+er posted a really helpful video for the plastic one:

This method works best for continental knitters.

I guess I will just look the other way while I frog. It took me two weeks to get this far and will only take a few minutes to undo T___T 

Also, I think I may just give them to my sister for her birthday. I don't think I'll be able to finish a sweater in two weeks, even for a skinny bitch like her. I have lots of Knit Picks Palette and another ball of Mini Mochi, so I can always make myself a pair. Or just make myself the matching hat. Hmm....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Miami Yarn :D

I know, I know.

I said I wouldn't arbitrarily buy yarn.

But---but--- I was on vacation! And I just so happened to bump into a yarn shop while I was wandering through Coral Gables and.... before I knew it, a half hour passed by and I had three new skeins of yarn D:

This is all I bought! I could have bought more, but I didn't! So there!

Zauberball Crazy. In Rainbow. How could I say no???

Colinette such fun colors. They remind me of Cuban restaurants' usual decor/scheme >__>

Madelinetosh Tosh merino light in Neon Rose. I'm a sucker for pink, and merino fingering wt yarn *le sigh* 

I got these at The Knitting Garden, a nice cozy shop in Coral Gables, FL. The yarns were neatly shelved by weight, and they had a respectable collection of fine yarns, as they say on their site. The prices are reasonable and about average for everything I looked at that I knew offhand (Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, Cherry Tree Hill, etc). 

The woman who rang me up was charming and helpful; turns out she has a daughter who lives in NYC. I noticed they had a lot of sweater samples.

Me: WOW. SO many nice sweater samples.... you guys actually wear sweaters here??!??
Shop Lady: *laughs* yes, we do!
Me: but why??
SL: Well, we have really cold AC's.
Me: *thinks of nipple numbing hotel room I had left behnd and nods* good point.

I am such a dork sometimes XD

So if you're even in or near Miami, definitely check them out! If I ever go back, I know I will shop there again. 

Curaçao do Arco-Iris Shawl

I am currently obsessed with shawls. Again.

I noticed something. After a break-up, I always get obsessed with scarves and shawls. I guess it makes sense, in a way. Something to warm my cold, lonely heart or some shit right? :/

Well, lemme back track a bit.

In the past three weeks I:
  • sprained my knee on my way to work (long story...)
  • missed three weeks of work, 1.5 because of said knee (*sadface* no tengo moneh...)
  • dumped the boyfriend (boo, hiss)
  • got a promotion (oh fuck yeah!)
  • got a fully paid 4 night, five day vacation to Miami (yayyyyyy wooo hooo!)
Busy? Oh yeah. Drama llama and I are close friends, if you couldn't tell *eyeroll* 

Knitting has been sporadic, to say the least. I couldn't concentrate enough to work on my Mitts of Awesome (aka my fair isle mittens, which I am contemplating frogging :/), and totally flaked on a KAL (*sighs*). I started a shawl the week I was home for my knee (this one) but it's tedious as fuck. I am still working on the fucking ruffle -___- I will attempt to finish it this weekend >___> but I may just start a sweater for my sister. Her birthday is coming up, and I promised her a sweater ages ago...she's pretty skinny, so I should be able to finish it in two weeks (right? Maybe? It's worsted wt on #8's... I think I can swing it :P)

So. The promotion.... no more customer service for me! I am now the head of Marketing and Social Media.... and other assorted things that don't fit into the title. I am overjoyed! No more dumb ass customers to ruin my day yayyyyyy! To celebrate this, I was given a vacation, so I can go into my new position "refreshed with a new outlook on blahblablah".

Worked for me.

But as these things always go for me, the weather was abysmal in Miami. I only did maybe 1 1/2 days of actual sightseeing, The rest of the time, I was holed up in my room crocheting, or wandering around South Miami looking for a new place to eat :P Luckily I packed a project I knew would be time consuming. I didn't expect to finish it there, but I basically did XD

This is the Blue Curacao shawl by Doris Chan, a famous designer in the crochet world. I greatly admire her patterns.... though this one was written kinda shittily. I will forgive her... though the written directions had me ripping out my hair -___- Good thing I know how to read crochet charts or I would have been kinda fucked and SOL. I actually bought the book just for this pattern. I never do that…but its so awesome. I bought the book a couple of years ago, but I never could find the right yarn or have the quantity on hand to make this. Also, I have been looking for an awesome shawl pattern for the yarn used. How funny that I should come across this pattern and see people have used Kauni to make it? I will admit I was originally going to knit a shawl using the yarn >__>

OK, great. Picture time!

The beginning. Ugly right?

Looking better...

Halfway into the second pineapple repeat.

starting the third repeat.

Voila! I still need to block it though.
Isn't it gorgeous??!?? Squeeee ^_____^

It's the most awesome thing I've ever made, hands down. I fucking love it, and I plan on living in it ^___^

It took me about 3 days to finish it, as I stared it Monday evening, and finished it Friday, I didn't work on it on Wednesday :P

I used Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn in the EQ / Rainbow colorway. I used all but 8g of the skein, and I was 4 rows away from finishing. I added an extra pineapple repeat because I feared it wouldn't be as long as I'd like. I thought I would have had enough to finish, but alas! I was wrong. Good thing this is crocheted, and not knitted... at least I can always go back and finish it if I want to one day.... though it looks pretty swell as is. I have to block it this weekend.... and soak it in hair conditioner, as this yarn is not very soft. I am now officially obsessed with crocheted shawls and PINEAPPLES! Yeah! :D Must find another pineapple shawl pattern to do :P

I have a new ami in the works as well! I think I will make a new pattern out of it. Stay tuned.