Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Open Letter to the U.S Olympic Committe

That's right, I have a picture infringing upon your name Gonna sue me too?? Good luck, I ain't got shit.
Dear douchebags:

So. I hear tell you guys want to sue Ravelry....the whole Crafty Interwebs is all abuzz with the bullshit news.

You really have a lot of nerve... most people don't give a flying shit about the Olympics, and here us crafters are not only drumming up viewership and support for our respective countries' participants, but we're creating awareness about the games! I never watched the Olympics until I joined my first Ravelympics a couple of years ago! Most people I know don't watch it, anyway.... that shit is boring (knitting along made it 100000x more fun, however). Instead of getting all up in our faces, perhaps you need to spend some time in house, y'know, doing shit relevant to the upcoming games: cleaning up evidence of steroid use, that sort of thing.

Do you really wanna piss off a bunch of people with sharp objects (and keyboards!!!) within reach??!?? I don't think you know what you're dealing with, here. You probably think of all knitters and crocheters as a bunch of old ladies, or weak women barefoot and preggers. Well, you're wrong. You don't know how wrong; not yet at least :)

WE crafters are a force to be reckoned with! You will rue the day you decided to get all in our shit. We don't take kindly to being told that the Ravelympics is devaluing your precious event...we weren't hurting anyone, NO ONE is or was making any sort of profit off of it.... where is the harm?

Oh right, there isn't any.


No drawbacks to it...only benefits for you and your sponsors (!!!)

Instead of taking legal action, you should have looked at it as an opportunity for FREE ADVERTISING. But yet and still you want to be a bunch of shitty Big Corporate Musclemen.... bullshit and fuckery, I say. I am calling shenanigans on this.

Fuck this noise...the Olympics fucking suck anyway. You know what? I would rather watch a whole marathon of Everyone Loves Raymond the two weeks your shitty show of "sportsmanship" will take up! And I will not be cheering for the US Team now or ever again.

So, in conclusion? FUCK YOU. I ain't watching the games this year, or any other year hereon after. I think you all can choke on a rancid, STI infested cock and die.

I hope the US comes in last for every category (except Curling).


Me <3