Friday, September 16, 2011

New Yarn!!!

OK. I know I said I wouldn't buy anymore yarn until Rhinebeck but I couldn't resist. I'm a yarnaholic and goddamn it I don't want a cure!!!!!

My friend Petrina and I went on a micro yarn crawl. We went to La Casita and Brooklyn General. I've been to LC a couple of times before; small shop with awesome people and a limited selection of yarn. I originally went to get some replacement DPNs, as the ones I was using for the PJ I'm working on were shite. I saw that sprinkle-ly yarn and fell in love and decided to give it a home. We sauntered over to BG (after a fabulous late lunch at a Cuban restaurant). It's a bit out of the way, and we got there just 15 minutes before closing. Good thing---I could have spent all damn day in there! The prices were reasonable, the yarn nummy. Marcie, the sales associate was super nice and very helpful. I must say it's the best LYS experience I ever had! I got the cheerful orange-y yarn there. I also got some Brittany DPNs which knit like a fucking dream!!!♥

The multicolored yarn was hand dyed by a local. It reminds me of birthday cake ice cream---it looks so fun! I have decided to stock up on sock yarn and let my worsted collection dwindle down to nothing. I'm addicted to making socks and other numminess with fingering weight yarn. It's so versatile! As I've grown as a knitter, I've come to appreciate finer gauged yarns. It may take longer to finish a project, but it's time well spent.

So much has been going on with me craftwise; I just lack motivation to post on a regular basis. Not like I have a fan base to appease *Mumbles*

More posts this upcoming week. I have mucho to share!