Monday, December 6, 2010

Minor Update and a New Amigurumi :D

I know I'm a flaky writer, so sue me, ok?? :P

I have been busy busy busy! Having a social life really does put a damper on my activities, but I have managed to churn out lots of things in the interim. I'm full speed ahead on my Giftmas present-making. I have been working like a maniac to make shit for people who might not even appreciate it *sigh*

But, I have made a new ami to share with you all! I made a cupcake! Big deal, you may say. You might have seen a zillion cupcake patterns (as have I, and have made some using other people's patterns).

But none that I have come across look like this:

That is right, ladies and gents, my cupcake's cup have RIDGES. Like a real cupcake. It took me about two hours total to make it... an hour trying to configure the ridges, and the rest to decorate and sew up the darling thing. It has a happy home with my bf's roommate, who had a party for her birthday this past Friday, Usually, I keep all my prototypes, but... I had to let it go :/

I made another one, and that I gave to my best friend Elaine... she'd been bugging me to make her one for a while (and I still owe her a b-day resent *ahem*) I didn't take a pic of it, but it's pink and has sewn in bugle beads instead of glued on sequins (yes, I DID glue them on. But I used Magna-Tac 809!! That is the shizzy. How you doing?). I was not overly happy with the cake shape of it (it looked more like ice cream), but it was still cute.

I really need to start taking notes when I make shit. Ugh.

The good news: I know how to make the cup part from memory. The bad news? I gotta work on the cake part to get it to look like my first prototype. I'll take notes this time and a pattern will follow. I realize I never typed up the flask pattern like I said I was gonna... I'll get around to it when I find my notes, promise! The cupcake will be made again, and hopefully posted before the year is done.... I need to get it to look like this one!