Monday, December 6, 2010

Minor Update and a New Amigurumi :D

I know I'm a flaky writer, so sue me, ok?? :P

I have been busy busy busy! Having a social life really does put a damper on my activities, but I have managed to churn out lots of things in the interim. I'm full speed ahead on my Giftmas present-making. I have been working like a maniac to make shit for people who might not even appreciate it *sigh*

But, I have made a new ami to share with you all! I made a cupcake! Big deal, you may say. You might have seen a zillion cupcake patterns (as have I, and have made some using other people's patterns).

But none that I have come across look like this:

That is right, ladies and gents, my cupcake's cup have RIDGES. Like a real cupcake. It took me about two hours total to make it... an hour trying to configure the ridges, and the rest to decorate and sew up the darling thing. It has a happy home with my bf's roommate, who had a party for her birthday this past Friday, Usually, I keep all my prototypes, but... I had to let it go :/

I made another one, and that I gave to my best friend Elaine... she'd been bugging me to make her one for a while (and I still owe her a b-day resent *ahem*) I didn't take a pic of it, but it's pink and has sewn in bugle beads instead of glued on sequins (yes, I DID glue them on. But I used Magna-Tac 809!! That is the shizzy. How you doing?). I was not overly happy with the cake shape of it (it looked more like ice cream), but it was still cute.

I really need to start taking notes when I make shit. Ugh.

The good news: I know how to make the cup part from memory. The bad news? I gotta work on the cake part to get it to look like my first prototype. I'll take notes this time and a pattern will follow. I realize I never typed up the flask pattern like I said I was gonna... I'll get around to it when I find my notes, promise! The cupcake will be made again, and hopefully posted before the year is done.... I need to get it to look like this one!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update! or, [Insert Witty Title Here----I Got Nothin']

Having a boyfriend and a *real* social life suuuure puts a damper on a gal's fiber life...and now I have a major FarmVille addiction to round off my list of distractions... I dunno how people can juggle it all -__-

I miss my yarn :(

[speaking of, I am expecting a big order of Noro Kureyon sock yarn in, along with some worsted Kureyon and some frou frou lace yarn that was on sale....yarn addiction, I haz it]

This month is a doozy for me... I have two close friend's birthdays and [therefore] lots of shit to make; I have five UFOs on my needles, and a zillion more I wanted to get done (for me, dammit) by the end of the year.... plus I want to do some massive dyeing and spinning... 

I need better time management skills T__T

Hopefully I can at least finish the UFOs I currently have before the end of the year! D:

After posting my Nail Polish, I realize I should double-and even- triple check them to make sure they're right! It was funny as hell as I was following my own pattern and scratching my head....Yeesh. I made three more, revised the pattern, and ended up liking my (third) version better than the first two, so I guess everything happens for a reason! I have pictures comparing the different prototypes of the nail polish. I *should* update the .pdf with a picture of the one the pattern actually makes. One day, perhaps :P

I have two more amigurumi patterns I wish to share with the world! One for an ice cream cone, and one for an Erlenmeyer flask! These were items I made a long time ago and people had asked for patterns, but I was too lazy/busy to post them.  I hope to have one up by the weekend. I plan to stay home and get some fiber shit done this weekend, dammit.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nail Polish Amigurumi

I am on a roll with butter and cheese!

 I made this for my nail technician Judy... she always hooks me up and I wanted to make her a lil plushie to show my appreciation. What better than a little toy to show off at her station?

I actually made this into a .pdf file, which you can download if you're on Ravelry. If you're not on Rav (or too lazy to login), you can download it from 4 Shared.

Please feel free to send me pictures of your finished items! I'd love to see them :D (my email addy is tastee.chaos @ --no spaces of course ;)

Creative Commons License
Nail Polish Amigurumi by Deena White is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pattern: Little Empanada

I decided to post my first pattern... I've only made it once. Methinks it needs some *slight* tweaking, but I like the way it came out on the first try... hopefully you will too :)

I made it for my boyfriend, who calls me his little empanada (excuse me, his SEXY little empanada. But whatever). I am all about the cheese, so what better than to give him a little amigurumi that would remind him of me? Or so I thought. [Was it too cheesy?? :/]

You'll need:

  • Size F (3.75mm) Hook
  • Golden brown worsted weight yarn (I used TMA's Easy Craft; Red Heart Super Saver or some frou frou wool yarn would suffice. I chose a golden-y brown to make a *fried* empanada. You can use a paler color for an uncooked one, or a lighter bown for a baked one. I was even thinking to make a whole wheat one for the health conscious! Heh)
  • stitch marker (one for crochet, like the ones I have at my shop *shameless plug* or even a safety pin would work... as long as you can remove it as you go along. You don't wanna use a knitting one. Just trust me on this one.)
  • Polyfill stuffing (or cotton, or yarn scraps...)
  • 8mm safety eyes with washers (optional; you can embroider the eyes if you don't have any)
  • Embroidery thread (I used bright pink for the mouth, and used pale pink to sew on the cheeks. If you want to embroider the eyes, black will be needed as well)
  • light pink felt (optional if you don't want cheeks)
  • about an hour of your time and a comfy place to sit :)
Pattern notes: When you see directions with "*....*" it means to repeat whatever's between the stars around until the end. This is crocheted in a continuous spiral around; DO NOT JOIN ROUNDS. The numbers in parenthesis at the end of each row denotes the correct number of stitches that should be completed at the end of that given round. 

Abbreviations used: SC= single crochet; inc.= increase (sc in same stitch twice); st= stitch; ch= chain; hdc= half double crochet; sl st= slip stitch; hdc shell = 3 hdc in same st

Ready? Set! GO!

  1. Using the magic circle technique (you can look this up on YouTube for a great visual tutorial; it's where I learned it! Easy peasy!), ch 7, tighten circle. (7)
  2. Increase in all st around (14)
  3. *SC 1, inc 1* around (21)
  4. *SC 2, inc 1* around (28)
  5. *SC 3, inc 1* around  (35)
  6. *SC 4, inc 1* around (42)
  7. *SC 5, inc 1* around (49)
  8. *SC 1, inc 1* around (73)
  9. SC all around (73); when you get back to the round, fold the circle in half  (make sure the right side of the work is on the outside of the fold!) and ch 1, then sc through both thicknesses of the fold once in the corner. 
I stopped here and attached the safety eyes, embroidered the mouth and attached the cheeks. For the cheeks, I used the washers from the eyes to trace a circle... it was still a bit of a FAIL as I can't cut felt straight to save my life... *ahem* 

So finish up your face as you like... or omit it entirely to make play food that isn't as cute :P 

Onwards.... Part deux of the pattern. Get your stuffing ready.
  1. Continuing with the circle folded in half, hdc shell in same space as the sc we did in part one. 
  2. Skip 1 st, sl st in next st, *hdc shell, skip 1 st, sl st* 5 more times; stop here and liberally stuff your little guy. No one likes an empanada that's cheap on the filling, so STUFF!! Take care not to overstuff; you'll know you've done exactly that when little pieces of stuffing is visible through the crocheting/is squeezing out the fabric. [This is the half way point of the hdc shells :)]
  3. Continue the established pattern (*hdc shell, skip 1 st, sl st*) until you have three more repeats to the end. Finish the stuffing now.
  4. *hdc shell, skip 1 st, sl st* twice more. If you can squeeze a bit more stuffing in, do so. hdc shell, skip 1 st, sl st and fasten off. Weave in the end, and shazaam! You're all done :D
I ended up with 12 hdc shells. It's not an exact science; if you end up with slightly less or more than I did it's fine. I realized afterwards 73 isn't the bestest number to leave a circle at if you want something 100% symmetrical *smh*

Sorry for the loquaciousness; I hope you enjoy your empanada!

I tried to write this as I've seen zillions of crochet patterns written. If it's not clear enough/you get stuck, please feel free to email me: tastee.chaos @ [no spaces]

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Little Empanada by Deena White is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.