Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NatCroMo FAIL?

Well, yes and no. 

While I didn't do everything I said i would (>___>), I still got a lot done. 

Behold my Blanket of Assum!

This blanket is so mindless. I have been listening to the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast while I crochet it. When I was crocheting it.... haven't touched it in like two weeks. BUT I am 50% done! I am already at 3' long.

Craptastic Red Heart....I've had some of these for years and years....

I like the way grey and pink looks together. Must make something with these colors together...

It's 6' wide and (here) it's a lil less than a foot.

Got about a foot length done here...

This is with about 3 feet done.

I plan to make a 6'x6' square; figured it should be big enough for a full size bedspread. I also had to end up buying more yarn, as the quantity pictured above won't be enough to finish the whole thing. I took the liberty of buying a whole new set of colors to do it because a) I was too lazy to look for the exact color ways and 2) it'll look so badass :D Mind you, I did pick pout similar colors, but added one that was missing... green. I fell in love with certain shades of green recently; up until a few years ago, I never bought green yarn if I could help it. I bought a nice spring leafy green and teal. I love teal <3 

I have to say, though I didn't do all I wanted for NatCroMo, it *did* get me to start this blanket, which is the most ambitious crafty project I have ever attempted. In two weeks' time, I managed to get half of it done! I am pretty quick. It's not boring per se; it's just really heavy right now and it gets to be a pain in the ass when working with it, even on my lap. I'll try to finish it before the summertime. 

Knitolution 2012 Progress and Other Updates

Well, it is the beginning of April. The end of  Q1 2012 has gone.

Time to review my knitolution progress!

My knitolutions were:
  • Knit at least one lace shawl 
  • Knit a project with beads 
  • Learn how to read lace knitting charts
  • Do more advanced Colorwork - still working on this LOL
  • Make at least one sweater this year - about to CO tonight yayyyy
  • Make at least 6 pairs of socks - made 1 3/4 pairs so far :P
  • Use up my worsted/chunky yarn stash 
  • Finish at least two projects a month, or 24 total for the year - Finished 8 projects so far
  • Replace inferior accouterments With better ones 
  • Crochet more -check!
  • Make an Afghan or blanket with all the crappy red heart I still guiltily hoard. - I am halfway done with my blanket of awesome! Woot!
So not too shabby.

I plan on killing the first three on my list in one... going to make a lace shawl with beads, using a chart only pattern--this one to be exact.  I have the yarn and beads already. I plan on starting it sometime next month, but we will see how it goes.

I am on a shawl/scarf craze atm.

The colors were a bit odd, but I like the finished product. I plan to block the garter st section aggressively.

I just finished another TGV (above) and cast on a Pogona this morning in the nummiest awesomes yarn EVAH. (Dancing Leaf Hip Hop)

I am loving this pattern so far! Not surprising, it is a Stephen West pattern after all <3

I have been a very good girl so far this year. So much, in fact, I bought myself a little treat because, why the fuck not?

MrYarn.com is one of the best places I have ever ordered yarn from. I placed the order on Thursday evening, and it shipped out (FREE!!) Priority Mail on Friday, and I got it at work yesterday. I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow at the earliest. The owner even hand wrote a thanks on my invoice and I got a free bumper sticker :D [it's on my laptop, since I no haz car]. The yarn, in case you're wondering, is Handmaiden's Mini Maiden in Cezanne. I realized this is the second skein of yarn I have bought with an artist's name as the colorway :P It is like Malabrigo Silky, but fingering weight. It will be a shawl; I would never make socks from something so fine.

Better yarn picture :P

I have much more to speak of. This has already become sort of a mishmash of shit, so I think I will continue with another post later.