Monday, January 23, 2012

YRSTS #4: Sidewinder Hat

This is the cable stitch pattern used in the pattern. Isn't it sweet? Ha ha ha XD

You know what? I will admit it... I was tempted to buy this pattern.

It's a nice pattern... and I loooove cabled hats. I have yet to make myself a hat with cables, would you believe it?!?? The only thing that initially stopped me was the $4.50 price tag, honestly.

Doing this series of YRSTS has taught me to look for alternative patterns before buying something that looks kinda simple, so I searched....and found out this is considered a "beginner cable" that is easy to execute.... and there are loads of free patterns that use this cable stitch pattern.

Fancy that.


...There were 11 hat patterns that featured the Honeycomb Cable. Out of these, only three of them were worthy of comparison:

  1. Honey Hat
  2. Ullstund Hat
  3. Honeycomb Hat
The only thing that makes the Sidewinder remarkable is the way the cables decrease into the crown. 

Doesn't make it worth the money though.

I suggest picking one of the three and messing with the decreases to get it to look similar. I remember reading in another pattern to dec the k sts that form the cables to slim them down while they snake into the top of the hat. 

You're welcome.

Happy Knitting!

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  1. These posts are reminding me of that food guy that does the "Eat This, Not That" books. You could title yours, "Knit This, Not That", lol.

    Cool stuff!


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