Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RROU #3 Dyeing Adventures

I almost forgot about this last update XD

I didn't do much dyeing last year... I did a skein or two earlier in the year, and for the holiday season, I had a grab bag for my local knitty group's holiday party, so I initially was going to dye just one skein.... turned into three :P

My dyeing supplies :P

Setting up to dye

I don't reveal my sekret dyeing application..... not yet anyway. Mayhap I will make a video of it someday.... Onwards....

In the dye bath

Hanging to dry...

Crappy picture of dried skein! :P

I dyed this for Petrina's birthday. She said it looks like Socks That Rock, and it kinda does. 

This is the skein I dyed for the grab bag

After the overwhelmingly positive reception of my yarn at the holiday party, I have been toying with the idea of becoming a dyer for profit. I think my shit is great... even non knitters have said they like my yarns.

Guess we'll see what happens this year.

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