Monday, August 15, 2011

WIP it Good: Sock Edition #1


Squee :D
 Yes, I have big ass feet :P
I even managed to do a half assed kitchener stitch... it wasn't hard, just a bit tedious. 

I call this my mistake sock. I still love it though :) I am casting on for the second sock tonight. 

It's official---I am hooked on making socks!!! It's a good thing I have a sock yarn stash of 30+ skeins already :P 

I started this on 7/31. It has taken me a little more than two weeks to finish the sock. I have done most of the work on my work commute... the only reason it has taken so long. I could have finished it a week ago or so I reckon. But, per usual, I am doing a zillion different projects at once (fucking a. I still have that damned featherweight cardigan to finish. I might end up frogging the sleeve I started too... I was using magic loop and there is laddering and epic FAIL. *sigh*).

Hell, I was even tempted to CO a pair of fingerless mitts last night, but I talked myself out of it and decided to work on my Clap some more instead. I am up to my third straight row, second ball of yarn. The KAL moved the deadline up to October, but I want it finished juuust in time for the first few weeks of Fall :) The socks will be done by the end of the month---sooner, if I can manage to not add any more projects to my WIPs. And cut back on the embroidery :P

I already have the yarn and pattern for my next pair of socks lined up (lol). I will do monkey by Cookie A and I plan to use my Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Blue Yonder. ZOMG That yarn is sinfully soft, and the blue tones are gorgeous! I crocheted myself a pair of socks using it,and they are the softest, warmest socks I own. Looking forward to making a knit pair :)

Progress update on the Clap tomorrow.

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