Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WIP it Good: Clap Edition #1

And now... THE CLAP!!!

Please ignore the wrinkled bed >__>

This is the most current picture I have of the Clap. 

For those wondering why I keep referencing an STD (or STI as they say these days -__-) it's this pattern. I believe it is the most worked pattern on Ravelry... if not in the top three. I like to be crass, so calling it the Clap is just an awesome bonus, You should see people's faces when I talk about it in public XD

Whew! I made it to the straight rows! I actually did one less repeat than the original pattern called for. I, uh, also am using thicker yarn and bigger needles so I had to compensate (...and I am a lazy hoar. Sue me). This is gonna be huge.... the right ride of the triangular shape in the picture (which will end up being an edge/end) is already 19"... after two dropped columns. Yikes. I got  1 1/2 straight rows out of the first ball of yarn... meaning I am probably going to end up doing about 18-20 straight rows in all. 

This is going to be my favorite fall/winter scarf! I can hardly wait! Nummy nummy thick yarn in an awesome pattern... the knitter's equivalent to a wet dream. It is going to be heavy... ~1lb. It is already kinda heavy now.  Good thing it's my home project--- heavy pjs do not make for good subway knitting unless you can grab a seat 100% of the time... in other words, never. 

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  1. I think I'm going to submit to the Clapotis cult. Actually I think I got an e-mail stating I'd be thrown off Ravelry if I don't go ahead and knit one.

    BTW, I'm crying laughing over the Ad Choice below showing I can get tested for $89!


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